Diagnosis and roadmap to organizational agility

Building and sustaining a competitive organization requires focusing on creating value for customers, developing the capabilities to understand and respond quickly to changing demand, make and deliver products or services in shorter timeframes, while lowering costs. .

The Kanban Maturity Model is the map for the evolutionary development of business agility and resilience.

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  • Diagnosis of the current situation of your organization in terms of project and service management practices and business culture based on the Kanban Maturity Model.
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement to meet project objectives and meet customer expectations in a continuous and sustainable manner
  • The personalized roadmap to achieve the purpose of the organization starting from the current situation and without drastic changes
  • List of actions and expected results for the first stage of the organization's evolution
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  • The service consists of two parts: Quick Diagnosis and Roadmap Definition. The activities included are the following:
  • Quick diagnosis:
  • Interview people with different profiles of the organization in order to understand the organizational culture and the way of working
  • Based on the findings, prepare the image and report of the current situation and present the results
  • Roadmap definition:
  • It is a work session to introduce the Kanban Maturity Model as a map of evolution of organizational agility
  • Then, with all the participants, the purpose of the organization will begin to be defined, the main stages of the path towards its achievement, the expected results at each stage, and the progress indicators that will be used.
  • Likewise, define the actions to be carried out during the first stage


  • Managers
  • Middle level Managers
  • Project and service Managers, PMO members
  • Agile/Kanban coaches and leaders of organizational change initiatives
  • Members of teams interested in agile management applying the Kanban Maturity Model in their field of work: project management, services, technical office, product development, operations, manufacturing, commercial or administrative departments...

Diagnosis led by: TEODORA BOZHEVA

Teodora Bozheva
  • Teodora Bozheva is the CEO of Berriprocess Agility and an organizational agility trainer. His skills in Lean, Kanban, Agile, Project Management and other methods, and his experience as a coach have accelerated the improvement of the business results of several companies in different sectors: banking, insurance, industry, IT... Help for Directors , Managers and their teams to achieve a transition to the practices and the development of a personalized and successful culture.

Pre requirements

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8 hours

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