The best method is the one that facilitates work even when context changes.

Environments characterized with uncertainty, frequent requirement changes and competitive in terms of time and budget, require flexible working methods that allow validating the developments quickly to avoid costly deviations.

However, lots of organizations try to survive in such contexts by further reinforcing traditional management methods. They try to maximize people occupation and wonder why delivery times are lengthening. They insist on compliance with the plans without reviewing the criteria for prioritizing work and responding to unforeseen events. To better control their process, they introduce new milestones and approvals which, ironically, further increase both delivery time and costs.

New management practices are needed that make work flow, enable seeing and understanding the real state of ongoing tasks, quickly identify issues that block the workflow, activities that do not add value, and focus conversations and effort on effective actions facilitating decision making and self-organization.

The main objective of this workshop is to make attendees understand the key practices that once applied will provide the following benefits:

  • Maintain focus on important work
  • Learn to see and resolve impediments in the workflow
  • Reduce product or service delivery times
  • Create teams
  • Improve communication in and between teams and departments
  • Understand how their work is actually performed (not according to established procedures) and learn to make decisions that allow them to act appropriately in unplanned situations.

The preliminary agenda for the workshop is as follows:

  • Visual management with kanban systems
  • Basic workflow management practices
  • How to get started with Lean Kanban management
  • Lean Kanban tools

All topics will be illustrated through practical simulations and real world examples.
This agenda will be adjusted to the specific needs expressed by the participants at the beginning of the workshop.

Target audience

Managers and professionals interested in Lean management applied in the field of knowledge-based work: project management, PMO, product development, operations, commercial or administrative departments

  • 4 hours
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