The KPPM Program is designed for you and your teams. It is an immersion in the project management practices with Kanban that will allow you to visualize and manage your work in an agile way. You will develop your skills to solve problems in meeting deadlines, adequately handle changing priorities and customer expectations, as well as coordinate work between teams.

You will learn the guidelines of the Kanban Maturity Model and how to apply them to scale the solution at the business level, step by step, avoiding overreaching as well as the typical barriers in organizational change initiatives.

The program can be conducted completely online as well in a mixed, online-presential mode. Contact us to discuss and define the right combination for your company.

The Next KPPM Program starts in September 2022

The only program that integrates hands-on training in project and portfolio management with Kanban, coaching and reviewing the achieved results with your company's Management.

program outcomes

You will achieve:
  • Instant visibility of project status
  • Adapt and apply the method to real projects and without any structural changes in the company
  • Establish specific management policies for the organization
  • Make decisions based on data and explicit criteria
  • Connect strategy definition and execution
  • Reinforce the culture of collaboration and focus on business purpose
  • Roadmap to keep evolving
You will know how to resolve problems such as:
  • Lack of visibility of the real project status
  • Project delays
  • Changing priorities
  • Ineffective communication
  • High and unbalanced workload
  • Lack of coordination between teams and projects
  • Lack of workflow related data
  • Low agility and efficiency

Who is it for?

Who will participate? The program is appropriate for people interested in learning and applying a pragmatic approach to project management in their teams, business units or companies. If you run real projects during the program, you will get specific guidance on how to introduce the KPPM practices step-by-step.
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • PMO Directors and members
  • Change Agents dedicated to developing enterprise agility


  • Industry
  • IT
  • Banking and insurance
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Public sector
  • Others

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  • Visualize project work using a properly constructed network of kanban systems
  • Visualize personal workload, unplanned work, blockers, risks and priorities
  • Manage workflow based on data
  • Establish personalized policies and processes for project management in your company
  • Manage dependencies between teams and between projects
  • Coordinate multiple projects
  • Manage OKR by means of the netweork of kanban systems
  • Experience of real companies that manage their projects with Kanban


  • There are no special prerequisites
  • It is not necessary for the student to have current projects in which to apply the knowledge during the program


  • Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive a Certificate of Competencies in Project and Portfolio Management with Kanban issued by Berriprocess Agility
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program highlights

  • 7 four-hour hands-on training courses
  • 2 two-hour sessions of coaching
  • Application of the concepts to real projects of the student


  • Use of Kanbanize for free for all project members during the program
  • Initial and final evaluation of the organization's management practices and the culture based on the Kanban Maturity Model
  • 2 reviews of the achieved results with the management of the organization
  • Coaching in your company (6 hours)
  • OPTIONAL: Add the "3 Simple Practices for Effective Teams" for online course for your project team members
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Sign up for the KPPM program and Evolve your organization


Make project work flow
1. Foundations of the management of the project workflow with Kanban (simulation)
2. Design the kanban board of your team
3. Evolutionary change. Kanban Maturity Model. Defining a roadmap towards organizational agility
4. Metrics for project workflow management
Make portfolio work flow
5. Design of a kanban board for managing a project end-to-end
6. Managing multiple projects with Kanban (simulation)
7. Workflow data analysis. Evolution through experiments. Next steps



program highlights (PACK BASIC)

  • 7 four-hour hands-on training courses
  • 2 two-hour sessions of coaching


  • Use of Kanbanize for free for all project members during the program

program highlights (PACK PREMIUM)

  • 7 four-hour hands-on training courses
  • 2 two-hour sessions of coaching
  • Application of the concepts to real projects of the student


  • Use of Kanbanize for free for all project members during the program
  • Initial and final evaluation of the organization's management practices and the culture based on the Kanban Maturity Model
  • 2 reviews of the achieved results with the management of the organization
  • Private coaching in your company (6 hours)

Boost your team's agility

OPTIONAL: Add the "3 Simple Practices for Effective Teams" online course for project team members

If you need additional informacion about the KPPM program, contact us

Meet the creators of the KPPM program:

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The complete pack of knowledge, skills and tools to achieve proJECT success and business benefits

Program director: TEODORA BOZHEVA

Teodora Bozheva
  • Teodora Bozheva is CEO of Berriprocess Agility and a business agility trainer and coach. Her competences in Lean, Kanban, Agile, Project Management and other methods and her coaching experience have accelerated the improvement of the business outcomes of a number of companies in different sectors: bank, insurance, industry, IT... She helps the managers and their teams to make the transition to practices and culture development in personalized solutions for success.

FAQ - Questions and Answers

What if the company uses other tools for project management?

  • We want to ensure that the participants and their project teams have an appropriate tool that allows them to adapt and apply all the practices that they learn in the program. Therefore, Kanbanize offers using their tool for free during the program. If the company already uses other suitable tools, they need not use Kanbanize.

What if the organization uses Scrum?

  • Scrum professionals and teams are welcome to the program. Scrum teams and organizations we have been working with, have improved with Kanban both their management practices and the relationships between the teams, and hence, their outcomes.

Some teams use Agile practices and others work with traditional structures. Can everyone use Kanbanize?

  • The objective of the use of Kanbanize in the program is to facilitate the application of the practices to the real projects that the student leads. Therefore, all the people involved in these projects, regardless of what management method they currently use, will be able to use the tool for free during the program.

Does managing projects with Kanban mean establishing a system based on the flow of information, with sustainable predictability of value delivery?

  • Managing projects with Kanban means establishing a network of kanban systems that facilitates the predictable delivery of company projects in a sustainable way. For this, the global system provides visibility of the work status at the specialist team, project, program and portfolio level in real time. Likewise, it provides data such as job / task execution time according to their type, equipment capacity, waiting time and time and cause for workflow blockages. In addition, Kanban practices reinforce the habits of collaboration, cooperation and focus on the customer and the business objective - highly appreciated by organizations that work on projects.

In many organizations the C-suite sees Kanban as a complex approach. What does it mean to get started with Kanban?

  • Managing projects with Kanban does not require any change to organizational structure, job titles or processes. The kanban boards provide additional essential information that facilitates the project management. In the program we guide the participants in how to design and run the most appropriate solution for their organization. In addition, we review the progress with the participant’s Sponsor/Manager. What is required is commitment to get better in project management and demonstrate improvements. We are here to help for the rest of the obstacles what might rise during the journey.

Would this help with execution of teams work? most program are more high level of managing portfolio rather than a team level work.

  • Yes, definitely. During the Q1 we mainly help the teams to manage their work with Kanban. In Q2 we continue with project (multiple teams) and portfolio - related practices.

Do you touch the point of failure demand at portfolio level?

  • Yes, we do discuss how to deal with failure demand. In addition, in Q2, by means of a simulation, the participants experiment with matching demand with capacity and optimizing the outcomes of multiple projects.

A consultant suggested us to work with APQC. Does this methodology fit with Kanban?

  • We admit that we cannot mention any other company that has used APQC and Kanban. However, about 47% of the organizations that we have been working with and use Kanban to manage their projects, come from predictive management methods. Therefore, we are confident that your company will also benefit from participating in the program.


Guía KPPM Gestión de proyectos, programas y portfolio con Kanban



After 8 years implementing project and portfolio management with Kanban, in this guide we collect the key concepts and the steps to follow so that you can apply them successfully in your organization. Complete this small form to receive the Guide in your email.

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This poster will be your guide, if what you need is to know how to manage projects, products and portfolio with Kanban. Here you have collected all the necessary information for you to evolve the management methodology of your company using the Kanban Maturity Model. More specifically, you will find management principles, practices and tools, feedback loops and metrics that will help you solve common problems in the development of your projects. Complete this small form to receive the Guide in your email.

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