Meeting project deadlines, preventing budget overrunning, obtaining fast feedback about project status, avoiding and mitigating risks, engaging stakeholders, managing project and product portfolio are recurring challenges in project management. Take away effective means for locating impediments in your project or product development and resolving them maintaining adherence to your PPM methodology.

The Kanban Method, used in lots of organizations, has demonstrated that reduces the delivery times by half, as well as the production and operation costs, improves significantly the collaboration within and between the teams, and the customer satisfaction. Kanban is usually associated with the management of services. This workshop is about how to apply it to managing project and product development.


  • Obtain visibility in the reat status of work and projects
  • Align and effectively coordinate project stakeholders
  • Manage correctly the project impediments and risks
  • Manage effectively the dependencies between teams and projects to avoid that they cause delays and budget overruns
  • Reduce or eliminate waste in the workflow and, consequently, complete work on time and withing budget
  • Make realistic forecasting
  • Eliminate individuals’ overloading

This workshop is essential for managers, project managers, PMO members and team members who need to reduce their project development time and cost and become more agile.

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  • Causes for Project delays, long delivery times and cost overruns
  • Management of the workflow
  • Forecasting delivery time
  • Project monitoring and control with Kanban
  • Communication management
  • Managing distributed teams
  • Risk management
  • Suppliers management
  • Managing multiple projects
  • How to get started with Kanban in a classic organization


This workshop is useful for anyone who wants to be successful in managing their projects and properly involving their team members and clients. Anyone who wants to:

  • Address project delays and service deliveries
  • Manage complex dependencies between projects and services
  • Being able to handle frequent interruptions
  • Manage a changing demand

In terms of roles:

  • Managers, Project Managers, and team members
  • Product Managers
  • Service Managers
  • Team leaders, Scrum Masters
  • Software developers and test engineers
  • Managers and members of process improvement teams
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1 day (8 hours)

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