In this course, the basic concepts of the Kanban Methodology are presented.
Kanban encourages collaboration and commitment of people in a natural way. It requires relatively little effort to put it to use and is suitable for both small and large teams.

No initial knowledge is needed and in a day we will learn to detect overloads and other deficiencies in the work flow. We will launch a Kanban board and get the “Team Kanban Practitioner” certificate.

Learning objectives and benefits of the course

LKU CertifiedKanbanTraining

  • Understand the core concepts of Kanban necessary for a team to start managing successfully its work
  • Learn how to design a single team kanban board
  • Learn how to make daily meetings
  • Know how to continue improving the agility of the team/ organization.

This course is useful for team members and managers who:

  • feel overburdened and wish to find a way to keep work under control
  • are expected or required to improve customer satisfaction providing faster response and more flexible services
  • need to define sound work prioritization criteria and end up with “everything is urgent”
  • build better team atmosphere, collaboration and trust
Topics to be covered
  • Main causes of overburdening
  • Core Kanban concepts
    • Ticket design
    • Personal/Team Board
    • Service Proto-Kanban
    • Work in progress limits
    • Kanban system
    • Service Kanban
    • Standup meeting
  • Service delivery workflow
  • Design of a task board for a single team
  • Getting started with Kanban
What you will get
  • One day of high quality training focused on your needs.
  • Course materials in electronic format (pdf format)
  • Membership of the Kanban University
  • Kanban University Team Kanban Practitioner Certificate*
  • For public courses: Refreshments during the course and lunch

* To become a “Certified Kanban Management Professional” you should get the KMP I: Kanban System Design and KMP II: Kanban Management Professional courses.

Who should attend

This course is useful for anyone who:

  • Works in or with teams using Kanban
  • Needs to improve work organization
  • Must improve customer satisfaction
  • Needs to grow a team

In terms of roles: Team leaders and Team members.


There are no prerequisites for this course.
It is recommended to explore the resource provided on the LKU web site starting from “What is the Kanban Method?”


1 day (8 hours)

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