What we do?


  1. Practical knowledge in managing workflow applicable the day after the class.
  2. Profound understanding of the Kanban method and Kanban Maturity Model for managing projects, services and organizational changes.
  3. Kanban University certification.

  1. Increase the efficiency of your entire workflow.
  2. Know-how that will enable your team sustain the established practices and continuously rise their agility and performance.
  3. Develop skills and mindset that you need to succeed.
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TTools integration

  1. We are partners of Kanbanize for Spain.
  2. We integrate the tools you use currently with Kanbanize. E.g.: CRM, ERP, project planning, document based workflows, timesheets…
  3. We evaluate you current IT infrastructure and help you implement integration in case you want to make it yourself.
  4. We maintain the integration solution.
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