How to interpret a control chart?

The need to use a control charts sometimes scary because it sounds like ‘statistics’, ‘only for advanced organizations’, ‘only if the process is stable’, etc..
All this is absolutely wrong!
If we are overweight, are not we going to look at the scale until our weight stabilizes / lower?

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Cumulative Flow Diagram. You Still Do Not Use It?

If you are accountable for delivering results to your customers and you do not use yet a cumulative flow diagram (CFD) to manage your development projects and/or services, open your eyes for this tool. You will want to see it daily.

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Project Management: 4 Actions That Will Help You Sleep Better

A year ago I undertook a journey along a path both known and unknown. I promised to demonstrate that a small company could work as a great company. Quite a challenge for me, taking into account that the company was an industrial engineering one, a domain that I knew only from some books and TV programs. But one has to accept a challenge to learn something new, right?

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