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A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the user's device for easy navigation; in some cases they are essential for the operation of the website. These cookies contain information about the user's browsing habits.

Cookies are classified as follows:

  • Depending on the entity that manages them.
  • Own cookies: managed by the publisher itself.
  • Third-party cookies: managed by another entity.
  • Depending on how long they remain activated.
  • Session cookies: only collect browsing data during the visit.
  • Persistent cookies: they are still stored for a period of time.
  • According to its purpose.
  • Technical cookies: help the operation of the website.
  • Personalization cookies: they serve the user to predetermine features for subsequent visits.
  • Analysis cookies: allow the analysis of the behavior of users on the web to create browsing profiles.
  • Advertising cookies: help the publisher manage advertising.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: they manage advertising spaces according to the user's behavior and browsing habits.

In this case, the cookies used on this website are own, persistent, technical and personalization. Specifically, they are Google Analytics cookies, which serve to know the visits of the website and the behavior of users; WordPress that allow the web visitor not to have to identify themselves every time they want to participate in the website and those that store consent to this cookie policy.

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