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We created Berriprocess Agility in 2011 with the vision of helping companies to adopt collaborative and purpose-driven work habits that allow them to adapt to changes in their business environment and meet their customers' expectations in a continuous and stable way.

We are excited to welcome you and answer your questions about the development of organizational agility, project and service management with Kanban, as well as the integration of Kanban with other methods and models such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, PMBOK, CMMI and OKR.

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Teodora Bozheva

Training & Coaching

Foto Teodora Bozheva
Distintivo Kanban Coaching Professional
  • Teodora Bozheva is a leading management trainer and consultant. She leads Berriprocess Agility, a training and coaching company that helps organizations to improve their processes, habits, and outcomes through suitable combinations of Kanban Maturity Model and other methods and models like PMBOK, Agile, and Lean Six Sigma.
  • Co-author of the books “Kanban Maturity Model" with David J. Anderson.
  • Author of the “Complete Guide to Project, Program and Portfolio Management with Kanban".
  • Awarded by Kanban University for her contribution to the development of the Kanban Method and the creation of the Kanban Maturity Model.
  • Teodora is an Accredited Kanban Trainer and Consultant.
  • For more than 15 years he has led successful transformations with the Kanban Maturity Model in companies such as BBVA-Spain, ULMA Handling Systems and Línea Directa Insurance, among others.

Teodora can answer all your questions about how to achieve better results in your projects, services, business area or the entire organization through an appropriate combination of different methods and models.

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Isabel Villanueva


Foto Isabel Villanueva
Distintivo Kanban Management Professional
Distintivo Kanban Coaching Professional
  • Isabel Villanueva is a Kanban Management Professional and Kanban Coaching Professional certified by Kanban University.
  • With experience in different Agile and Kanban transformations in organizations from different sectors such as: industry, banking, services and IT.
  • As a Kanban Coach, he helps teams with the design of their kanban systems for work management, as well as accompanies them throughout the process of evolution towards agility in the management of their projects with Kanban.
  • Responsible for the operational and organizational follow-up of projects.

Isabel can help you in selecting the best course for you. Likewise, it can guide you in defining the appropriate approach for the needs of your company.

Wondering how to streamline project and process management in your company?

Sergey Erofeev

Tool Integration & Coaching

Foto Sergey Erofeev
Distintivo Kanban Management Professional
Distintivo Kanban Coaching Professional
  • Sergey Erofeev is an expert in integrating systems that automate the end-to-end workflow, reducing the manual operations required to manage it and quickly obtain follow-up information.
  • He is a Kanban Management Professional and Kanban Coaching Professional certified by Kanban University, experienced in Kanban system designs for work management at all levels of an organization.
  • He has carried out the integration of complex systems in different sectors: distribution and logistics, engineering, public health, telecommunications.
  • Since 2013 he designs and implements solutions for effective management of information flow in companies. To do so, it integrates its management tools such as ERP, CRM, design tools and planning tools with Kanbanize.

Sergey can answer all your questions related to Kanbanize and its integration with other information systems.

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Foto Antonio Menchero
Distintivo Kanban Management Professional
Distintivo Kanban Coaching Professional

Antonio menchero

Training & Coaching

  • Accredited Kanban Trainer certified by Kanban University.
  • Kanban Management Professional certified by Kanban University.
  • Certified in Scrum Alliance CSM and CSPO, and SAFe 4 Certified Agilist.
  • Since 2012, he has provided coaching and training services in the use of Lean and Agile, with Scrum and Kanban, to public and private organizations in the industrial, financial, technological, and advertising sectors, among others.

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