KPPM Kanban Project, Program And Portfolio Management

KPPM Kanban Project, Program And Portfolio Management BOOK

A map to business agility

KPPM is designated for enterprises managing projects, programs and portfolios, as well as services and operations, and seeking higher performance, agility and adaptability.

Teodora Bozheva introduces the KPPM practices and provides examples from companies she has worked with to illustrate how these practices can be applied in real situations and what advantages they bring to the organizations.

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Language: English

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What is KPPM?

KPPM is an evolutionary model that integrates principles, practices and cultural values. It guides project organizations in resolving chronic project and portfolio management challenges right at the root and continuously improve their business outcomes.

KPPM describes four groups of practices:

To ensure a seamless progress and lower risk of failure, the model defines four organizational evolutionary levels:

  1. Team-Focused
  2. Customer-Driven
  3. Outcome-Driven
  4. High-Performing

What will you learn?

You will learn the following from this book:


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Practices and Cultural Values
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