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Kanban Maturity Model – Start Change With Heart

People who have been involved in organizational change initiatives know that culture is the key factor that determines if the change perdures and thrives or fades gradually.

Culture is what people like, value, appreciate, find correct and motivating to do something for it. It is the heart of the evolution.

Culture follows values.
Practices follow Culture
Outcomes follow Practices

The Kanban Maturity Model maps 34 values against 7 maturity levels to make sure that everyone involved in a change initiative finds their reason to support and cooperate in it.

People working at the front line of a business like having transparency in the real state of work and clear criteria for prioritizing and decision making. They like collaborating with each other as well as being trusted to take initiative and lead the development of their professional ideas.

Line managers value having an objective understanding of the internal process and the customer expectations to be able to deliver fit-for-purpose services. They appreciate working in well-coordinated, aligned, clear purpose-focused organization that also takes care of the balance in the workload as well as between demand and capability.

Senior managers aspire and strive to develop an organization with strong business focushealthy competitivenessdata-driven decision-making habits and long-term survival thinking.

Achieving success in all these aspects is the challenge for a change initiative.
Therefore, the upcoming KMM book includes coaching guidance on how to build trust and improve the cohesion in your organization to make it easier to introduce new ideas and better management practices.

Download the Culture poster to have a summary of inspiring ideas that will help you to make your Agile initiative desirable.

Use the Kanban Maturity Model
to make your Agile initiative
Desirable through Culture,
Feasible through Practices,
Viable through Outcomes
and Managed Evolution.

Start with heart.
Use the Kanban Practices to strengthen values and enable business outcomes.

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Teodora Bozheva

Your KMM Posters

The Kanban Maturity Model is a map for developing business agility in an evolutionary manner. It defines cultural values and Kanban practices that together enable achieving better business outcomes. The Evolutionary Change Model defines the formulae for making progress with an organizational change avoiding resistance and preventing the two typical failure modes – overreaching and false summit plateau.

Three pillars

The KMM posters illustrate the key concepts in each one of the KMM pillars.  Use them to get a better understanding of where your organization is and define an appropriate approach to improving its resilience, reinvention and customer satisfaction.


Poster Culture

Start the evolution with heart

Building the right organizational culture is key for the success of your journey.

The Culture poster shows the values and cultural focus for each maturity level. It also illustrates the practices that will help you build trust, social cohesion as well as the foundation for introducing innovative management practices.

Use this poster to get inspiring ideas for driving cultural change.

Practice Map

Poster Practices

Run the engine of change

This is you companion in identifying the appropriate Kanban practices that will help your organization introduce and strengthen the service orientation, get better comprehension of customer expectations, deeper understanding of processes and achieve a smooth and sustainable pace of superior results.

Practices make culture stay and enable business outcomes.

Use the transition practices to create the desire to evolve further. Apply the consolidation practices to solidify the achieved improvement.

Outcomes and Benefits

Poster Outcomes

Your improvement gauge

This poster summarizes the benefits you will observe in your organization as an outcome of the integrated development of culture and management practices.

Use it to describe your desired state and motivate evolutionary change. Once you achieve your purpose, use it to stimulate further advance in actions.

Managed Evolution

Poster Evolution

Avoid the risks on the road

Successfully running an organizational change is not trivial. Keep the formulae and the model for evolutionary change always at a glance.

Use them to avoid the risks of loss of safety, patience to see results, resistance, overreaching, losing people or bad behaviors.


Poster Overview

What’s in it for me?

Explain the four pillars of the model and highlight the most important aspects.

Use this poster to introduce anybody the Kanban Maturity Model and the Kanban Method.

Teodora Bozheva
Co-author of the Kanban Maturity Model