Business agility with Kanban and KMM

BBVA Case Study

In one year only two programs in the finance area of BBVA evolved their capabilities to manage their projects and processes (Business As Usual) in an agile way based on Kanban. The Kanban Maturity Model was used as a guide for this initiative. This case study describes the path of developing new habits.

Learn how Kanban and the KMM are being implemented at BBVA and what their current situation is “15 months later”, although the trip continues…

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Somabe Case Study

This is the story of Somabe’s evolution as an organization and team from the moment when they decided to improve working practices starting with project management. You will know their experience various methods (Scrum, Kanban, PMBoK and CMMI) and tools, and how it has come to unite people towards the purpose of their business. The benefit of Kanban quickly became evident. The method allowed all the departments to start speaking the same language. Everybody was seeing the entire picture and their role in it. As a result, the communication between the different departments improved significantly.

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Ekide Group Case Study

At Ekide Group, a leading technology company, they needed to be able to manage all their projects without losing themselves in detail and without slowing their growth speed. The Kanban method and the Kanbanize tool have been the key elements to achieve this. The case of the introduction of Kanban in Ekide Group is a very important case not only because of the results they achieved, but because of the learning and evolution that the organization experienced. It is usually said that transformation processes take several years, distract staff with new work practices and cost millions of euros… but that is not what happened at Ekide Group.

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